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Summer Training

SDP Hockey - A Different Way to Train

Most summer training programs are open to the masses resulting in a wide disparity in participant skill level.  Select Development Program believes that to take your game to the Next-Level it is critical for athletes to train and compete against other athletes of similar skill.  To ensure we create this optimal training environment SDP Athletes are accepted to our Bantam Elite or PeeWee Elite programs by application only.

Another key benefit to SDP training is we limit our training programs to three groups (Bantam Elite, PeeWee Elite and Squirt Elite) and limit group size to ensure a low athlete to coach ratio.  SDP Coaches believe it is important to build strong relationships with our athletes, understand their strengths and weaknesses and their goals.  By limiting the number and size of our training groups, SDP Coaches are able to understand each athlete and train accordingly.

At SDP, our focus is to create a fun, but challenging environment that fosters in our athletes a love and passion for the game of hockey!

If you’re serious about taking your game to the Next-Level Select Develop Program offers a different way to train.

Select Development Program details:

  • SDP Summer Training Programs run from week of June 8, 2020 through the week of August 17, 2020 (no training the week of July 4).
  • SDP trains three groups per summer: Bantam Elite, PeeWee Elite, and Squirt Elite.
  • Goaltender training for each group is led by Michael Zacharias
  • Athletes are on the ice 2 times per week - 20 on-ice sessions
  • Bantam Elite group will have 3 off-ice strength and conditioning sessions per week - 30 total sessions
  • PeeWee Elite group will have 2 off-ice strength and conditioning sessions per week - 20 total sessions
  • Off-ice training sessions held at Befit in Maple Grove, MN, and led by Josh Hutton - Owner Befit (Bantam Elite & PeeWee Elite groups only).
  • Off-ice dryland training program provided: shooting, puck handling, passing
  • Group size is limited and by application only
  • Low athlete to coach ratio
  • Experienced Coaches committed to push our athletes to reach the Next-Level (see Coach Bios)

For additional details, please see Bantam Elite, PeeWee Elite, and Squirt Elite tabs below.

Summer 2019 Squirt Invite Group